Project Director

Leader of the community, ensures the project is running well and helps to make sure the development code is clean

Project Manager

Mainly overseeing the project, approving all sorts such as the boring bits

Operations Manager

Ensuring the management team is fit and well, crafting a homemade management team

Development Manager

Making sure projects are being developed and coming up with new ways to make the community better, tool wise

Administration Manager

Making sure our modification banning system is fair as ever, well, when we release

Moderation Manager

Keeping our communities troll free, ensuring our teams are being fair and consistent.

Support Manager

A tech guru making sure our support teams give you the best responses to our website and modification

Media Manager

Approving hand-crafted stunning media assets, created by our media team

Events Manager

Approving event servers and making sure our community never gets boring with some nice convoys


Never ending battle to make sure everything stays online, while crafting new technology

Administration Supervisor

These guys manage a section of teams ensuring our servers are moderated 24/7

In-game Administrator

Making sure our servers are full of safe drivers, whether it's in their BMW or their special camera.

Community Moderator

Making sure our Forum and Discord is kept friendly, welcoming and loving


Making sure our Forum and Discord is kept friendly, welcoming and loving


Media Team

Creating all things fancy, whether it’s fancy thrillers or showcasing our new releases, the media team is rather creative