Project Director

The people that are responsible for approving financial budgets of the year, major project changes and senior management authorisation changes.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is in charge of the direction of the game environment, management, and other important changes.

General Manager

Focuses on a tight ship within management, ensures our operations management is in order.

Community Manager

Interacts with you, the community. Our Community Managers also handle public relations, this sure is a fun role.

Administration Manager

These people make sure our in-game punishment structure is fair and diverse while managing a group of supervisors.

Moderation Manager

These people ensure our moderation is kept to a high standard on our interaction servers such as Discord.

Support Manager

Making sure our front line supporters give accurate responses to ensure you're back enjoying our modification with no issues.

Design Manager

Ensuring all things design is kept to a high standard such as graphics and in-game footage.

Senior Web Developer

Our senior developers supervise to ensure quality code practices are being followed, along with approving pushes to our clients and web.


Creating services, just like this website. Our developers work hard to ensure our systems are up to date and running.

Administration Supervisor

Managing a fantastic team of game administrators, they ensure your in-game experience is enjoyable from bad drivers.

Senior Community Moderator

These people supervise our moderators to approve decisions when in critical situations and incidents.

Community Moderator

Policing our interaction services, such as our Discord server.


Ensuring your support tickets are dealt with in a fast orderly manner.

Design Team

Our design team spends most of their time in-game creating fantastic trailers, make sure to beep when you see them.