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VTC System

Dear community,

Recently our developers have been working hard to develop a Virtual Trucking Company system on our website. As we’re coming to the testing phase, we’re allowing selected VTC’s to try out our system.

We are currently looking for a few VTC's to help work with our web developers to help iron out any bugs that are currently in the system. VTCs are expected to report any bugs they come across in a Discord channel they will gain access too when accepted. The chosen VTCs will have the opportunity to give feedback on the system that has been made and will have the chance to suggest any features that could help us to improve the system further before we publicly release it. 

If your VTC is granted access to test our new system you will get the benefit of gaining early access to the newly developed system. As well as early access you will have the option to claim a special tag for your Virtual Trucking Company which will both be shown in game and on the website URL before the public are able to claim theirs.

There are no requirements to apply for the opportunity for early access, however, we will select a few applicants that are of a good standard. If you own or represent a VTC you are in and are interested in testing our VTC System then ensure to apply on the application form. https://infinitetruckers.com/ops/form/1-569E98FMM9H8KK94HG26

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