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Transparency around project updates

Dear Community, After a somewhat challenging year that has passed, we just wanted to let you know transparency around our modification is changing. Personally, I am interactive with the community and I listen to people's opinions on our project progress and community. While we have many supporters, I could not help but notice a trend of some people doubting or cross examing the way we handle updates. I couldn't agree more, as an outsider the information of the progress is closed and we are going to change that from today. During 2019, it was a rollercoaster for Infinite Truckers, we did not expect to see many supporters follow our project, however, commitment was an issue from the development team who were working on the client. Since December, we have proactively been interviewing talented experienced developers and so far we have successfully granted two contracts. You may have noticed one has joined already, while the other should be joining in a matter of days. Progress updates From today, we're committed to being transparent about any progress and achievements, with evidence that might increase your curiosity, little or big, we'll be posting this in our dev updates channel on our Discord Guild, along with a Git changelog and a developers blog on our Patreon, this will be public.

The Patreon link is no longer public as people were donating, already. We'll make this public again when we're ready to release clips and news. https://www.patreon.com/InfiniteTruckers Beta Access When we released the beta system, we discovered months later this was indeed too early and perhaps the requirements were not right. From today, we've scrapped this process and the waiting list and we will be publishing new requirements soon, along with some project evidence that may just help you apply to our program. We are considering a Patreon that will give you access to development builds, but this will only go live when we're able to offer that service to you. What to expect from Infinite Truckers now? We're finally seeing some stable commitment and progress, with our recent hiring of a community manager we are shortly going to be publishing a campaign that will give you full access to our progress to help the transparency of the client and that will give you reassurance we're proactively have something for you all to play on very soon.

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