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Project progress update

Hello everyone,

I know everyone here is longing to see more about Infinite Truckers, and trust me, we are excited to release such an amazing project and share more too. 

First of all, as I\'m sure everyone understands, we want to ensure the project is actually ready before public consumption. With that in mind, there has to be time for all staff to be able to play, test and find any major bugs that there could be around. 

Unfortunately, there has been a few recent events which has meant our main client developer has not been able to commit their time fully to the project which has meant we have had to unexpectedly change a couple of dates for the expected delivery of a few stages of the project. 

Our plans for the next few weeks will be the hiring of a couple of PAID client developers using personal funds who\'s task will be to get to work straight away on getting things ready so that we can move on to a staff release, beta testing and eventually a release of the project. They will be doing no further development of the project until atleast the first two stages are complete.

Our plan is still to release on 23rd December, however everyone must understand the fact that this is subject to when the staff release and beta testing stages happen. As soon as it becomes possible, we will be sharing plenty of material regarding the project. Please keep your eyes peeled for any further announcements.

At times in life there are moments that don\'t live up to expectations in regards to what you want to happen, and unfortunately this has been one of them. Therefore, we will be releasing no further event dates until we are 100% sure we can deliver; we understand the uncertainty that gets caused when we don\'t meet those expectations. We are sorry.

This project is long awaited, and I promise it'll be worth it. Thank you again to those who have shown their continued support! 

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