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Knowledge Base launched

Dear Community, 

We’re proud to announce that our Knowledge Base system has been released, this useful feature will have content to help find some of your answers before reaching out to our staff either via support or feedback.

We’re still underway putting content on to our Knowledge Base system, so expect many more articles to go live over the coming days. There are articles on how to validate your email, what to do when you receive a 500 error, our Discord punishment process and much more! 

Management are tasked with keeping the system up to date, so articles will always be updated and new ones will be created where necessary. Please ensure to take a look at this page frequently to find any new articles that may have the answer that you require before asking in Discord or creating a ticket.

Our articles will be placed under specific categories, so you can quickly and easily locate what you need. Please take a look at our Knowledge base system here: https://infinitetruckers.com/knowledge-base

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