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Beta Users

Dear Community,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

As development for the project continues we are going to require new beta users to test our project once we are ready for the closed beta stage. 

We are now looking for some beta users to help work with our client developers in order to help iron out any bugs that are found within the game once we launch the beta. The chosen players will be expected to report any bugs or glitches they find within the modification and create a detailed report to the developers in what exactly is wrong and how to replicate it when required. Beta users will have the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions on features regarding our project to help us improve our mod further.

Please check you meet all the requirements set in the form before applying. If you are interested in becoming an official beta user and meet all the requirements then ensure you apply on the application form. https://infinitetruckers.com/ops/form/1-9MHF6J4CMH17D94KBHGK Please remember, due to the popularity this form will have, it may take up to 4 weeks for us to review your application and for you to receive a reply.

What happened to the previous waiting list?

As we mentioned in a previous news post, our old requirements and the waiting list was scrapped due to us discovering it was released too early and the requirements were not quite right for what we needed.

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