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Our forum community is back

Dear Community,

You may be aware that we closed down the IPB forum due to old functionality of the technology used. 

Today, we can finally announce that Infinite Truckers have launched the forums back to our community, as they were deeply missed by you and the staff.

The forum system is a better and improved system, which is synced across our website. The forum will be used to interact with staff and each other. The forum will be here to stay, as we have fully integrated the system into our in-house built website however, the forum is in beta and more features will be added as time goes on.

You will also notice your Infinite Truckers profile will have a new icon on “Connected Account” that links to your forum profile.

How can I join?

If you have an Infinite Truckers account on our website, simply login with the same credentials on our forum at c.infinitetruckers.com.

Can I join the forum without an Infinite Truckers account?

No, you’ll need to sign up for a main account first.

We’ve also made changes to usernames, you are no longer allowed to have any spaces in your usernames. Usernames that had spaces in their usernames have been removed, you’re welcome to change your username to adapt to the new change. 

If you recently changed your username and are still within the block period, please contact our Support Team who will change it at your request.

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