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Latest Posts

We have just released our Knowledge Base system to help player find many answers before needing to contact our staff via support or feedback

Read more... 1 mins. read  |   18.3.2020

IFMP merch store is live, after some thoughtful consideration.

Read more... 1 mins. read  |   16.3.2020

Today, we have pushed a change to our support system when your account is not accessible with your login credentials.

Read more... 1 mins. read  |   11.3.2020

As development for the project continues we are going to require new beta users to test our project once we are ready for the closed beta stage.

Read more... 3 mins. read  |   20.2.2020

ou may be aware that we closed down the IPB forum due to the old functionality of the technology used.

Read more... 2 mins. read  |   17.2.2020

As we’re coming to the testing phase on the VTC System, we’re allowing selected VTC’s to try out our system.

Read more... 2 mins. read  |   13.2.2020

After a somewhat challenging year that has past, we just wanted to let you know transparency around our modification is changing.

Read more... 2 mins. read  |   28.1.2020

As we’re approaching the 23rd of December, our closed beta release has been postponed due to the developer's transition still taking place.

Read more... 1 mins. read  |   19.12.2019

As we announced a few months ago, Infinite Truckers has launched the player of the month program with a monthly prize and a Discord rank.

Read more... 1 mins. read  |   13.11.2019