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Last Updated at: 22 Mar 2020 14:01

When creating a Feedback ticket for any department you should follow these steps:

  • Firstly, follow the link to our Feedback page here: https://infinitetruckers.com/feedback

  • Once you are on the page click create ‘Create A Ticket’

  • Now fill in all the fields. You should select the ‘Department’ depending on the reason for your ticket which are listed below. ‘Reason for Feedback’ should just be a small title which overviews your ticket and you should provide in as much detail as possible what you want to tell us in ‘What would you like to tell us?’.

  • Once all details are completed then click ‘Submit’. Your ticket will be claimed as soon as possible.


  • Support - Complaints regarding Support staff, Support Recruitment, questions regarding the Support section and anything similar. You should NOT contact Support Managers through Feedback regarding any account issues, website errors etc.

  • Modderation - Complaints regarding Community Moderators, Community Moderators Recruitment, questions surrounding moderation and anything similar.

  • Events - Complaints regarding Event staff, Event staff Recruitment and anything similar.

  • In-game Administration - Complaints regarding IGA staff, IGA staff Recruitment, Feedback regarding game rules, questions and anything similar.

  • Design - Complaints regarding Design staff, Design staff recruitment and anything similar.

  • Development - Development questions, reporting bugs, reporting 500 website errors, complaints regarding Development staff and anything similar.

  • Community Management - Questions regarding applications such as Beta, Verifications and VTC early access testing. Feedback on social media and anything similar. Any generalised questions or tickets that don’t necessarily fit a department should be sent here also.

  • Operations Manager - Complaints regarding Department Managers