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Last Updated at: 19 Mar 2020 16:44

If you see a user from our Forum violating one of our rules and and our moderation team are not available or have not witnessed such an incident, then you may report the player to our Moderation Team and we will take appropriate action towards the user, depending on the severity, as we’d like our community to remain a safe place to communicate on.
In the right corner at the top of every post you can find a report option.
Simply click on it and tell us why you would like to report the user and what he has done wrong. 
Our Moderation team will then investigate the situation and will take appropriate action towards the reported user.
However, please keep in mind that abusing this system may lead into action being taken towards you. Uselessly reporting posts will not be tolerated, as we’d like to keep track of serious reports we get, in order to keep our Forum a safe place to communicate on.