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Last Updated at: 19 Mar 2020 12:14

If you see a user from our Discord violating one of our rules and and our moderation team are not available or have not witnessed such an incident, then you may report the player to our Moderation team and we will take appropriate action towards the user, depending on the severity, as we’d like our community to remain a safe place to communicate on. You may have already recognised our Bots Alfie and Lucy on our Discord on our guild, while Alfie keeps track of new people joining the Discord and the punishment procedure, Lucy is there for your reports. If you for example receive a Discord DM from a user who’s being rude and talks to you in an inappropriate way, or advertises his Discord server to you, then you may just send a DM to our bot Lucy. Our moderation team will investigate and may take appropriate action towards the user you have reported. However, it is important that you include evidence that clearly shows the user violating one of the rules and him being on our Discord.
In the following you will get to see an example of a conversation between you and one of our Staff members, as well as all steps mentioned again. 1. Message our Bot Lucy with the
inquiry you have, including evidence of the user violating our rules.

2. One of our Moderators will then reply to your report, as soon as possible.
(Please keep in mind that it may take some time)
Once action has been taken against the user, you will receive a message from our bot Lucy again.

3. Once your report has been dealt with, you may tell the Staff member to close the ticket, unless you have anything else to say/report. https://gyazo.com/e5b03a81b4d5044aa8098ef353ced995