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General Questions (4)

Questions about our modification

Early 2020, closed beta stage.
We're not developing American Truck Simulator right now, however, this is a future plan.
We have implemented a speed limiter for players, speed to be confirmed at a later date.

Community (4)

Questions answered around our community-based discord and in-game.

You can apply on our website using our verification portal, our team will review it with our internal requirements.
The forum was closed due to old based technology, our needs were not met and it was decided this platform should be retired.
This is not mandatory, however, in order to get access to our discussion rooms you'll need to follow this process.

Internal (5)

All questions answered relating to internal operations.

You can apply for a position when recruitment is opened on our website. You cannot apply directly via a staff member.
This is correct. Punishments in-game and from our Discord is associated with your Steam ID. If you rejoin using the same account you will see your punishments again. Full terms can be found on our website.
We are not partnered with ProMods, however, we will support their mod with our servers.

Virtual Trucking Companies (4)

All questions answered relating to VTC's.

Soon you'll be able to register your VTC on our portal, this should be in the next few weeks.
We do have a live API, would can be found at the bottom footer, however, job logging information will be available soon.
Only verified VTC's will have access to this and it's members.